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Local Tennis News:

> Impending Retirement of Andy Murray
Yesterday (11-Jan-2019) British tennis and world tennis learnt the destiny of Sir Andrew Murray OBE, from his own words: he is to retire from tennis this year. LineBall Tennis did not investigate or research the severity of his hip injury that forced out of tennis last January. However, principal coach Krishna did hear from Andrew Castle, former British number one tennis player, that Murray's return to tennis was doubtful. Thanks for the inside-track Mr Castle. (KS,12-Jan-19)

> LineBall Tennis in Hibernation 
LineBall Tennis operating out of Clapham Common with principal tennis coach Krishna have had a period off from tennis coaching, due to court-resurfacing. The municipal court facilities re-opened a day after the ATP Finals final on 19th November  (read LineBall's blog above about the final, here too: The Wait Is Over - But Not For Brexit!). The courts had been shut since 1st October. But as yet the works are not completed as courts have not been painted, only the court-lines on black bitumen / road-type surface.

> Spot the Difference!
Strictly Come Summer Juniors Tennis Camp contrasted with the alternative 'big business' offering on the other courts. Graphics by Cypien - 31-Aug-18. 

> LineBall's Strictly Come Junior Tennis Campers tell you the story from just a selection of the camera-captured moments from school summer holidays in July 2018:

> LineBallTennis - Clapham Common have written "assessor's report" for two its junior players trying for The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The juniors in question are Pablo and Olivia (pictured). They chose racquet sports tennis for their "physical" activity section of their Awards. If other local school children need to complete their "physical" section LBT will be happy to train and assess. (ks 19/6/18).
Olivia training for her Duke of Edinburgh's Award since January 2018
> Another free period to update our website with the stars of the show called LineBallTennis - ClaphamCommon (aka local tennis coach "Krishna"). Pictures speak a thousand word for self-promotion and for the juniors who simply express! As follows, May half-term camp and other private session ball-pyramid builders:
Happy Campers on School Holiday Inset Day Monday 4th June & Saturday 2nd June
 > Principal tennis-coach Krishna of LineBallTennis  - Clapham Common is happy to announce extended full-day sessions between 8.30am to 5 pm of "Strictly Come Junior Tennis Camp".  By local demand, extended morning and/or afternoon sessions are £8/£16 on top of usual full-day of £20,  will start this Spring half-term on 30th May Wednesday. LBT's Krishna understands this provide a valuable timing-facilty for working parents wishing to drop-off their young ones before starting  work. LBT expects to continue to school Summer holidays camp too, depending on demand. 

> Just when LineBallTennis  - Clapham Common and its principal tennis coach Krishna were thought to be for children only! Here  are some content adult Ball-Pyramid-Builders, including Krishna (ks 25/05/18):
Adult Ball-Pyramid-Builders from 2018: Akos, Briar, Krishna, Liudmila & Paul

> LineBallTennis - Clapham Common have a moment to blog some local tennis news and pictures. These are from LBT's on-going tennis coaching and Easter holidays Junior Tennis Camp, which ended two week ago. Also, following and completing Krishna's activism towards Local Council Elections.

>  By 16th May we just managed to get these LineBallTennis players pictures together (ie GIF from phone to laptop pictures - not cloud). LBT apoloigises for the delayed display of February  09 to 17th pictures of Clapham and district proteges;  without names but presence in warmer yet weird-weather year! (pictures received with parental approval mostly). Today feel-like temperature was 13 degrees celsius a 10 degrees lower than yesterday's hotter weater at plus 23 degrees:
Spring February 2018 "Strictly Come Junior Tennis Campers" with LineBallTennis camera by K K Siva(Yours truly).
> Here are a few select pictures from the Easter school holidays'
"LineBallTennis Strictly Come Tennis Camps":
Happy Campers! with LineBallTennis Easter'18 school half-term doing "Strictly Come Tennis Camp" at #ClaphamCommon
> Krishna with his talented junior members in his local coaching operations, perfected the "Dab-Follow-Thru" last  year's school holidays. Shown below are the trends sweeping the nation currently, known  as the"floss"; LBT's Krishna believe its a great trendy warm-up for its kds:

The Dab
The Floss
> Members of the public who use the Clapham Common Westside public tennis courts have consistently complained about not being able to book courts due to too many tennis coaches. LBT's principal tennis coach Krishna has also complained directly to Lambeth Council, which oversees how the outsourced municipal facility is run. Percieving me as lone disgruntled voice they have not heard or heeded the complaints. So they would like the public to write to Lesley Ambler, Commissioning Officer for Sports & Leisure at Lambeth via email:

> The background  to the over-crowding at Clapham Common tennis courts is a single coach who hires additional external tennis coaches to run a tennis coaching business (when there are sufficent local LTA clubs set-up for that specific purpose). These coaches then get licensed by Lambeth and both contract for this coach or independently.


LineBallTennis - Clapham Common Coaching Information:

Krishna is a local resident tennis pro, playing and coaching tennis in Clapham Common and district for over 30 years. He gained his professional PTR tennis coaching certification in 2005 - see more in 'profile' page.

LineBallTennis (LBT) is principal Krishna's enterprise banner. The LBT logo of a tennis-ball on a court-line encompasses an ethos of  competitive enjoyment and passion for tennis

Krishna welcomes players of all standards and all ages for private, pairs or group tennis. Where demand permits adult and junior social fun drop-in tennis sessions are available (please check  arrangement for such drop-in play).

He is available for tennis at most times including weekends: coaching and serving mainly at public tennis courts in Clapham Common West Side (SW4 9AN) and Kennington Park (SE11 4DA). 

LineBallTennis offers competitive fees and preferential terms for tennis coaching, drills and social tennis. Tennis lesson fees* are  shown below:

Junior Private: Tennis Lesson – £25 (incl. £4 court fee)

Junior Group: 2-4 Players Tennis Lesson £30 (incl. £4 court fee)

Adult Private: Tennis Lesson – £35 (incl. £10 court fee)

Adult Group: 2-4 Players Tennis Lesson – £40 (incl. £10 court fee)

*The above fees are all subject to discount as per block booking and other arrangements on first lesson.

LineBallTennis Junior Tennis Camps 2018:
(School Holidays UK: Spring Mon 12 Feb - Fri 23 Feb, Easter 26-Mar - 6 Apr, May 28 May - 4 Jun, Summer 16 Jul - 6 Sep, Autumn 16 Oct - 2 Nov, Christmas 17 Dec - 7 Jan)

Junior Tennis ages 5-15 at Clapham Common West Side SW4 9AN.
Morning or afternoon (10am-12.30pm or 12.30-3pm) costs £10 per session or £80 for 10. 
Full day (10am-3pm) costs £20 per session or £160 for 10. 
Additional hours from 8.30-10am or from 3-5pm are available at an extra £8 per session. 
A select 8-12 juniors to enroll to avoid over-crowded

BEWARE: There are other tennis coaches at Clapham Common providing over-crowded child-minding services, while masquerading as tennis camps -  DON'T BE FOOLED OR RIPPED-OFF!
Racquet Stringing: Tennis Squash and Badminton starting at £15 basic nylon string or £25 for multifilment / polymer strings and other made-to-order strings.
Krishna's ContactMobile#: 07926 178734 or email: