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Local Tennis News:

> Not all the flood-lights have worked on Clapham Common municipal tennis courts, since days drew-in and became darker in early afternoon. Luckily LineBall Tennis have booked the courts with lights partially working: court-7 and for Tuesdays and Wednesdays court-8 for October. Coach Krishna and assistantr James have already helped with enquiries from stranded players that have turned-up to find their coaches not there and courts unavailable - oops! and whoopee! [14-Oct-21 KS]
>  LineBall Tennis have recruited James as part-time assistant tennis-coach with PTR Level 1 qualification. He has 'yonks' of tennis (and'artist', 'lime-plastering'...), as well as life experience. James 'stagz' has already proved to be a hit with local regular tennis sponsors of LineBall  - Clapham Common with Krishna (ks 30-Jul-21)
> After decade-long price freeze for junior tennis at Clapham Common Lineball Tennis have set new prices. Including a NEW £25 an hour under-6 years-old fee for an hour one to one private lesson. All juniors above 6 yearls-old and above will pay £30 for individual lesson (increased from £25), and £37 for group lesson upto 4-players. This is effective from 1st July 2021 for new players starting with Lineball Tennis.
> Strictly Come Junior Tennis Camp at Clapham Common is starting when state-schools break for summer holidays, which in Wandsworth is 26th July 2021. We run the tennis camp through to 1st Sept., when schools resume after the main holidays. Also, LineBall Tennis have raised juniors' camp fees to £13 per junior per two-hours session. More details at the bottom of this home-page (ks 15-Jul-21)

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LineBall Tennis - Clapham Common Coaching Information:

Krishna is a local resident tennis pro, playing and coaching tennis in Clapham Common and district for over 30 years. He gained his professional PTR tennis coaching certification in 2005 - see more in 'profile' page.

LineBallTennis (LBT) is principal Krishna's enterprise banner. The LBT logo of a tennis-ball on a court-line encompasses an ethos of  competitive enjoyment and passion for tennis

Krishna welcomes players of all standards and all ages for private, pairs or group tennis. Where demand permits adult and junior social fun drop-in tennis sessions are available (please check  arrangement for such drop-in play).

He is available for tennis at most times including weekends: coaching and serving mainly at public tennis courts in Clapham Common West Side (SW4 9AN) and Kennington Park (SE11 4DA). 

LineBallTennis offers competitive fees and preferential terms for tennis coaching, drills and social tennis. Tennis lesson fees* are  shown below - new junior prices effective 1st July 2021:

Junior Private: Tennis Lesson – £30 £25 (incl. court fee)
Junior Group: 2-4 Players Tennis Lesson £37 £35 (incl. court fee)

Adult Private: Tennis Lesson – £35 (incl. court fee)

Adult Group: 2-4 Players Tennis Lesson – £40 (incl. court fee)

The above fees are all subject to discount as per block booking and other arrangements on first lesson.

LineBall Tennis' "Strictly Come Juniors Tennis Camp" for 2021:
(School Holidays UK: Spring Fri 8th Feb - Fri 1st Mar, Easter Mon 1st Apr - Fri 26th Apr, May Mon 31st May - Fri 4th June, Summer Mon 26th Jul - Tues 1st Sep, Autumn Mon 14th Oct - Fri 1st Nov, Christmas Mon 23rd Dec - Mon 6th Jan).

Pandemic Covid-19 Rules by the LTA Applied To Organised Groups.

Junior Tennis ages 4-16 at Clapham Common West Side SW4 9AN.

Morning or Afternoon Session (10am-12.00pm or 1-3pm) costs £13 per session or £110 for 10 sessions.
*NEW: Morning session only for Under 9s ages. Afternoon for 9+ ages. ALL-DAY SESSION - by arrangement.

Full day (10am-3pm) costs £25 per session or £230 for 10. 

Additional hours from 8.30-10am or from 3-5pm are available at an extra £10 per session. 

A Select 8-12 juniors to enroll to avoid over-crowded
*NEW: We have coach Ian assisting with an extra tennis-court.

BEWARE: There are other tennis coaches at Clapham Common providing sports-club services, while masquerading as tennis camps -  DON'T BE FOOLED OR RIPPED-OFF!
Racquet Stringing: Tennis Squash and Badminton racquet stringing starting at £15 basic nylon string or £25 for multifilment / polymer strings and other made-to-order strings.
Krishna's ContactMobile#: 07926 178734 or email: