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Contact for LineBallTennis - Clapham Common:

Krishna K Siva
Mobile: 07926 178734


LineBall Tennis of Clapham Common is collecting testimonials from past and present tennis enthusiasts who have enjoyed our services with pleasure and learning. Here presented are some past ones collected in the off-season mostly:

LineBall Tennis arranged for Kea to join another player of similar age and standard for afterschool tennis. Kea has had to move out of London, so his mum Alice sent this message signing-off!

From Inessa Kuznetsova, whose family is now playing tennis with LineBall Tennis's Krishna; excepting herself! Initiallay Inessa's son Mitya started tennis-lessons with his friend Mark back in late 2016, and at time of updating testimonials, her husband Alexander  is into a seventh one-to-one private lesson. Come on Inessa - join us! Testimonial dated Sept'18:

From Helene Eade,  who is now practising tennis with her friend Annelies. Originally Helene's son Daniel paired with friend Josh to practice with Krishna after-school, playing since April'17. Testimonial dated May'18:

From Paul Donohoe, who has been practising and playing tennis with Krishna verifiably for six plus years.  Apr'18:

Paul originally came with intent to develop a back-hand drive to his default slice option. And the rest is history... or as below (notice the critique of a rival coach!):

From Delphine Metier, French mother and "nouveau passionne de tennis", Clapham Oct'17:

Delphine originally included her son Timotee in a select group  consisting of 4 youngsters round 5-years of age. After having accompanied her son for his weekly Sunday lessons since mid-March, Delphine started classes on 23rd Sept. 2017: five private lessons into it she has made good progress to date. LineBallTennis asked Delphine for a testimonial in French so as to intimately invite other French expatriates; posted here as on website FranceInLondon:

From Sara, Mother of Ava & Anerley, Clapham Oct'17:

Ava originally joined LineBallTennis top recruit & poster-child, Kaia, now both aged 9 as School-mates, for Friday Junior Drop-In, then Summer Camp'17, and now private lessons with sister Anerley:

From Kitty Blyth of Clapham Common, Oct'17:

Three lively engaging children by names of Lara, Bella and Toby joined LineBallTennis's Krishna at Clapham Common during their summer school holidays having heard through a LineBallTennis friend - and never looked back! Don't take our word for it, this what their mum Kitty gave by way of a recommendation: 

From George T. of Clapham Commons, Oct'16:

George, aged 17, started playing tennis with LineBallTennis - Clapham Common in October 2015, when he arrived from Japan. As local resident and family friend of coach Krishna he is only available ad hoc, and provided this Twitter testimonial in Japanese suggesting it would  attract the many visitors from that country wishing to learn tennis:

Twitter Screen Capture: Testimonial from George T. To @LineBallTennis

From Mandish K. of Clapham Common, Jun'16:
Mandish is the mother of brothers Kashmir and Simran, aged between 6-8, they have been having tennis lessons with LineBallTennis - Clapham Common since middle of 2015. Also, Mandish was the recipient of our inaugural service in providing block-booked tennis-coaching gifts. See more on this Local Tennis News - Archive, but here's the testimonial:

From Mark Bennett of Clapham Common, Sept'15:

Mark and his children have been having lessons with LBT - Clapham Common and Krishna since Summer of 2014. Mark has kindly articulated our service well, so here it is:

From Debbie W. of Balham, Sept'15:

Having junior ad hoc private lessons and regular Friday drop-in  sessions for her two children and friend (featured in LTN News regarding inaugural attendees of Friday Junior Drop-In); Also Debbie is taking adult pairs coaching for herself and friend and sometimes with her husband John. The family have known LBT since May 2015:

From Jean of Clapham, Sept'15:

Jean is having his son's racquets restrung by LineBallTennis. LBT's local restringing service, i.e based 2 minutes from the Clapham Common - Westside public tennis courts, enables expedient exchange of racquets, payments etc, so it was discovered: