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Local Tennis News - Archives

Local Tennis News - Archives:
> Strictly Come Juniors Tennis Camp - Summer Half-Term is on again at Clapham Common tennis courts with LineBall Tennis principal coach Krishna. Here below is the flyer with basic information, and more at foot this homepage about price and times (please note and compare our inflation-busting price-freeze):
LB Tennis Flyer: Strictly Come Juniors Tennis Camp - Summer Half-Term, 2023 Clapham Common
> Strictly Come Juniors Tennis Camp - Easter, at Clapham Common is open from 3rd April, and before ad-hoc for early Easter school-holidays players. Details of camp at the foot of the webpage. Also this digital-image below serves as camp-flyer; so if LineBall Tennis's ex-patrons and parents in their school-children WhatsApp groups could circulate: Krishna would be ever so grateful. ALL ages standards-of-play tennis juniors welcome. [KS 28-Mar]
LB Tennis Flyer: Strictly Come Juniors Tennis Camp - Easter 2023 Clapham Common

> The residents using Clapham Common tennis-courts are facing a grave injustice. The Lambeth council-owned tennis courts have been taken over by a big business operator, Julian Cousins, and his team of tennis coaches. These coaches are using the courts for commercial purposes, leaving very few courts available for public use. This commercial exploitation is costing local residents their access to the municipal facility and is a clear violation of the public's right to access and use the courts. The only other option available is to book with Krishna Siva, a.k.a. LineBall Tennis, who is the local rival to the commercial exploitation of the courts. It is high time that the council takes action to ensure public access to the courts and put an end to this injustice. [KS OAICGPt 06-Mar-23]
> LineBall Tennis - Clapham Common are recruiting additional local adult tennis players for Tues. and Weds. adult group tennis from 8pm - what are you waiting for? Initially, LBT looking to bolster its existing adult members for group sessions by having Tues. for "improver" standard players and Weds. for "intermediate / advanced" levels. The fee is £46 for the hour, divided between attendees. So if 3-players turn up, a rounded fee of £13 charged to each - so on pay'n'play basis - psst! please pass it on. [KS 22-12-2022]
> LineBall Tennis Principal Krishna is happy to report the findings of an LTA "safeguarding" concern / allegation about him, with subject heading "Words of Advice":
"...Based on the alleged concerns, your engagement and discussion around your alleged coaching conduct, we have advised you how to conduct yourself in regard to photography, supervision and communicating with children in the future."  
LTA C.Hookins 8-Dec-22
The allegation was made to the Lawn Tennis Association, the authority overseeing tennis in th UK, by LBT rival tennis-coach Julian Cousins at Clapham Common. This "pathetic"* ex-policeman tennis-coach amassed his recruited tennis coaches to make the tenuos arbitrary complaint, but they declined to forward their names, except the mentioned ring-leader. Krishna NOW RECOGNISES this reporting of him to LTA safeguarding, as simply the latest in long litany of subtle bullying.
Mr Cousin's has been subtle conniving and undermining as a bully.  Perpetuating his abuse of tennis-coaching new-kid-on-the-block Krishna, via rumouring malicious untruths among his tennis-coaching minions, reprimands via Councils and unaknowledged commercial takeover of the local municipal tennis-facility to the detriment of new-entrants not on his books. Which the local council Lambeth and its then on-site facility manager  have overlooked despite Krishna fighting for a "level-playing-field" with here-today-gone-tomorrow Council officials. This persistent on-going abuse at the hands of the Julian Cousins et al, since switching from investment management / banking employment to tennis coaching in 2008. Yet, Krishna did not complain to authorities up to this point except on points of order in tennis-facility management. As he naively believed the affair as competing rivalry / turf-war for coaching patch. 
More will be outlined on  this subtle bullying tactics and takeover of Council facility in full expose to be published in this website and further. *LBT principal quoted a patron supporter describing ex-policemen Cousin's as pathetic. Krishna omitted other colourful emphatic descriptions! [KS 22-12-2022]
> LineBall Tennis are planning to bring internationally reknowned "Teddy Tennis" to Clapham Common Westside in the Spring of 2023. As well as the prior link to the "about-us" page, this is a screen-capture of tennis for toddlers of page:
LineBall tennis is intending to introduce taster-sessions in the New Year from February. If new parents are interested in pursuing these tennis-orientated toddler activities please contact Krishna directly with enquiries on 07933 133936. [17-Oct-22 KS]

> NEW INFLATION BUSTING PRICES: Lineball Tennis have had to raise prices again for its tennis-coaching services since September 2022 (see new price at foot of page). Finally updated, 17-Oct-22.
The Lambeth Council managed public tennis-courts in Clapham Common Westside is since Summer 2022 available for hire at £10 per hour for public and September for tennis-coaches too. Background: earlier in the year, the Council scrapped the junior rate of court-hire at £4.35 and adult-hire for £8.65 and replaced with a single-fee hire at £6.50 - we were neutral to the mid-price; then shockingly, some months later the court-hire fee was raised to £10 for the public (manifesting the cost of living crisis!)

Intense / heavy tennis-court users deserving of economies of scale pricing

Effective September this month the rate applies to tennis-coach block-book of courts, which LineBall's principal-pro Krishna has objected to Council management; as intense / heavy tennis-court users deserving of economies of scale pricing, in the least - see pic. And also we have complained about onerous terms of court-booking e.g. licensed coaches have to give 24-hours notice to cancel block-booked courts, even for weather discrepancies. 
Pre-pandemic when staff  was employed at site coaches could cancel via phone or in-person with two-hours notice. Strangely the public can still cancel online with 2-hours notice. Watch this space for Council's reply LineBall is awaiting. (ks-21-Sept-22
> "Merry Christmas To Christians Alike, And Happy Seasonal Holidays TO ALL!"
The Oversized Star On The Left!
This message goes out especially to THE Tennis Players Patrons & Parents of LineBall Tennis - Clapham Common, from principal, Krishna. xk
> LineBall Tennis's industry has been gratefully noted:  A local resident near the homebase tennis-courts on Clapham Common's Westside known as "Dee" sent Krishna these pictures of him and tennis-camp playing.

A dry heatwave 12th August 2022 afternoon, with Krishna and few brave tennis-campers Peter Theo Alex & Rose out there on Clapham Common Westside. Pictures courtesy of Deirdre.

Today 25 Aug. we had the most rain overnight and early morning as thunderstorm-warning issued again for SE England. Climate change is all too real! Pull your finger-out Government et al agencies.

> Annual decade-long "Strictly Come Juniors Tennis Camp" - Summer 2022 at Clapham Common is NOW taking bookings:
Psst! Please pass it on!
as we rely on word-of-mouth recommendation, as opposed to oureach of schools or other marketing [ks 14-July-22]

 > Reporting on Finals Weekend at Wimbledon 2022 (with no Russians including world no.2 Daniil Medvedev, and no Federer and Alexander Zverev in main mens draw). We expect and wish Ons Jabeur of Tunisia success versus Elena Rybakina of  Kazakhstan - as in pics below, in the Saturday's Final shortly!

LineBall Tennis's Krishna is also rooting for Nick Kyrgios in the Men's Final tomorrow Sunday. His near-GOAT opposition is Novak Djokovich. And who has earned credibility with his humanitarian stance against the Covid panic pandemic of 2020-21, at least in Krishna's view.[ks 9Jul22]
> Tennis Coaching Arrangements at Clapham Common - if  you find it difficult to book courts due to too many coaches commercialising a municipal facility - please report to sports@lambeth.gov.uk if there are NOT half-the-courts of 8 available and used by public.
> Lambeth Council's Parks & Leisure have "in-housed" sports and leisure arrangements in its borough's green common / park spaces (Twitter: @Brockwell_Hall). Bookings for Lambeth's facilities including Clapham Common tennis-courts is no longer, taken by GLL / Better. Also no staff at most of its facilities since pandemic. So LineBall Tennis - Clapham Common are encouraging local residents to write-in to sports@Lambeth.gov.uk with any suggestions and indeed aggrievances about operations. [ks 3Feb22]
> Happy New Year 2022 for tennis patrons from team LineBall Tennis. We hope you have all had a restful and somewhat joyous Christmas and New Year festivities. Remembering that last year in 2021 global authorities under the auspices of W.H.O. contrived to cancel Christmas revellers; from even family-households getting together for fear of transmitting the flu to vulnerable members of family. That was miserable - we would have hoped we took such precautions anyway without the 'nanny-state' imposing severe restrictions. These this year was called "Plan-B" in England, last year national lockdown no-less.

> We have also a penned a timely piece giving our pennys-worth opinion on the Novak Djokovic situation down-under in Australia. Make no mistake, it is high-profile protest test-case against the biosecurity-state rollout; and how it affects even world number one tennis player. Whom we at LineBall Tennis describe as close-GOAT (Greatest of All Time). Please read: Novak Djokovic Knows Vaccine Passport Is More Than Tennis. [ks 9Jan22]
> Picture below is of private juniors group of year-3 classmates, mainly from local Holy Ghost School. Juan's mum Lourdes sent this picture, and it shows LineBall Tennis - Clapham Common principal coach Krishna asking the kids on the other side of the net to 'shadow' him for tennis movement and swing.[ks 25Oct21]

> Not all the flood-lights have worked on Clapham Common municipal tennis courts, since days drew-in and became darker in early afternoon. Luckily LineBall Tennis have booked the courts with lights partially working: court-7 and for Tuesdays and Wednesdays court-8 for October. Coach Krishna and assistantr James have already helped with enquiries from stranded players that have turned-up to find their coaches not there and courts unavailable - oops! and whoopee! [14-Oct-21 KS]
>  LineBall Tennis have recruited James as part-time assistant tennis-coach with PTR Level 1 qualification. He has 'yonks' of tennis (and'artist', 'lime-plastering'...), as well as life experience. James 'stagz' has already proved to be a hit with local regular tennis sponsors of LineBall  - Clapham Common with Krishna (ks 30-Jul-21)
> After decade-long price freeze for junior tennis at Clapham Common Lineball Tennis have set new prices. Including a NEW £25 an hour under-6 years-old fee for an hour one to one private lesson. All juniors above 6 yearls-old and above will pay £30 for individual lesson (increased from £25), and £37 for group lesson upto 4-players. This is effective from 1st July 2021 for new players starting with Lineball Tennis.
> Strictly Come Junior Tennis Camp at Clapham Common is starting when state-schools break for summer holidays, which in Wandsworth is 26th July 2021. We run the tennis camp through to 1st Sept., when schools resume after the main holidays. Also, LineBall Tennis have raised juniors' camp fees to £13 per junior per two-hours session. More details at the bottom of this home-page (ks 15-Jul-21)

> At the end of a stormy wet couple weeks, we are pleased to announce Strictly Come Juniors Tennis Camp - Spring/Summer Half-Term from Bank Holiday Monday 31st to 4th June. Some early-bird stalwart attendees have already enrolled directly. What are you waiting for? Psst! Pass it on.
> The second day of the Spring month of March, and tennis should resume on Clapham Common Westside from 29th day, after present lockdown three ends. Whooppee! Before tennis we ALL have to save the bowling-green from the crazy-golf developers vying for the Common land - click-here for update and details [ks 2-Mar-21]:
The deadline for submitting objections is March 8th quoting
reference no. COM/3268390 and they go to :- commonlandcasework@planninginspectorate.gov.uk
> LineBall tennis will give invitation priority to regular attendees of "Strictly Come Juniors Tennis Camp" during school Easter holiday starting from Monday 29th March - so please contact Krishna, lineball@talktalk.net [ks 2-Mar-21]
> Autumn school half-term tennis camp "Strictly Come" with LineBall Tennis' local coach Krishna faces ill-winds: The most important of tools, a mobile phone with client-contacts, has been water-damaged in the recent rainy wet weather. So please contact Krishna directly via tennis-line number 07926 178734 or email lineball@talktalk.net to arrange juniors attendance. [ks 26-Oct-20]

> LineBall Tennis have to inform you that for next batch of lessons taken with LineBall Tennis' principal Krishna, will be at new adult one-to-one coaching price rise of £5 to £35. And adult pairs, or group of upto 4 players for £40.  Which is still £10+ better value than rival tennis coach/s at Clapham Common. The reason for the rate hike are to do with court-booking price for juniors, online booking challenges due to staff-furlough, extreme covid19 demand, and last but not least, for the most experienced player-coach based at Clapham Common. (KS 10-Jul-20)

> Since May 14th LineBall Tennis principal Krishna has resumed tennis teaching / coaching services, after the lockdown started on March 23rd. A full report in draft format is available via above link and here: "Clapham Common Tennis: special Covid19 Report".

> LineBall Tennis are now planning Strictly Come Juniors Tennis Camp - Summer 2020 (under Covid19 restrictions!). The UK's governing body for Tennis is the Lawn Tennis Association - LTA. They have issued a statement, which can be read fully on their website:
"Players from different households can now play doubles together as long as they stay two metres apart as far as possible, and small group coaching for up to six people (including coaches) can resume.".
So Krishna, principal tennis coach, is organising by invitation small groups of five other players at a time to attend on-court and off-court holiday tennis camp. This "small group" is not so unusual for Krishna to adapt as he always believed and preached smaller groups to benefit teaching and learning principles in tennis. Especially in comparison to the over-crowded multi-sport camp run by rival coaches.

> Some half-term schoold holiday pictures (with parental consent for using theses. If not requested prior, please let me know):

> Krishna, managing the LineBall Tennis enterprise is licking his wounds after his political activism to get a relevant progressive government installed. After the 12 December 2019 Christmas Elections he is deflated by the electorate. He combines the tennis-coaching and stringing enterprise with his activism in financial political management. Have you checked out his Twitter account @LineBallTennis? Look out for his articles. After some self-promotion! it remains to pass on the Season's Best Wishes! and Happy Holidays. (KS 19-Dec-19)

> LineBall Tennis (aka Krishna and assiduous enterprise) posted in mid-July last. We have finished our successful and enduring "Strictly Come Juniors Holiday Tennis Camp"; and now into second week of after-school tennis lessons. Krishna is asking visitors to this page, to warmly accept and pass-on our thanks to all the parents who entrusted their "precious" juniors to tennis with him. Actual and potential parental permission is / was sought to publish some snaps below (17-Sept-19):

Strictly Come Junior Tennis Camp - Summer 2019
Juniors at rest and relaxation during hot Summer.

>Booking for Strictly Come Juniors Tennis Camp

LineBall Tennis are still signing-up juniors for yet another school summer holidays tennis camp. New for this year is that principal tennis-coach Krishna is qualified with "PTR 10 and Under" certification, for even better juniors tennis-teaching. As well as an assistant being brought to assist when juniors numbers exceed 6 players.  Please email Krishna via lineball@talktalk.net to 
>Sign-up for Clapham Common Bowling Green League 2020
Clapham Common Westside Bowling Green and Tennis Public Amenity
You may know that Clapham Common Bowling Green by the westside of the common (in picture) is due for re-development, as other than its original intended use. Shame! that 50-years plus heritage characteristic of the area will disappear unless YOU take action. We have more on this via NappyValley.net. An opportunity to save it by joining a proposed competitive league of green-bowling on newly-surfaced pitch, potentially for 2020 start. Contact me Krishna via ksiva@talktalk.net if interested in supporting a bowling green for my and future generations. (ks 12/7/19)
> LineBall Tennis is sputtering into the New Year - What with the weather and all! Following on from our just-right half-term mini-tennis camp in February (parental-permitted pictures below), we announce our Strictly Come Juniors Tennis Camp for Easter school holidays (ks 12-Mar-20):

> Strictly Come Junior Tennis Camp underway last week at Clapham Common Westside. We will add select pics of the children at break-time + collecting .
We had new guys from all the way from Fulham, Arya, Henry, George and Luca. So LineBall Tennis reputation growing.
The week beginning 22-April The Clapham Common courts' resurfacing is due to be completed, so no tennis camp, for the final week of school Easter holidays. (KS 16Apr19)

> Impending Retirement of Andy Murray
Yesterday (11-Jan-2019) British tennis and world tennis learnt the destiny of Sir Andrew Murray OBE, from his own words: he is to retire from tennis this year. LineBall Tennis did not investigate or research the severity of his hip injury that forced out of tennis last January. However, principal coach Krishna did hear from Andrew Castle, former British number one tennis player, that Murray's return to tennis was doubtful. Thanks for the inside-track Mr Castle. (KS,12-Jan-19)

> LineBall Tennis in Hibernation 
LineBall Tennis operating out of Clapham Common with principal tennis coach Krishna have had a period off from tennis coaching, due to court-resurfacing. The municipal court facilities re-opened a day after the ATP Finals final on 19th November  (read LineBall's blog above about the final, here too: The Wait Is Over - But Not For Brexit!). The courts had been shut since 1st October. But as yet the works are not completed as courts have not been painted, only the court-lines on black bitumen / road-type surface.
> Spot the Difference!
Strictly Come Summer Juniors Tennis Camp contrasted with the alternative 'big business' offering on the other courts. Graphics by Cypien - 31-Aug-18. 

> LineBall's Strictly Come Junior Tennis Campers tell you the story from just a selection of the camera-captured moments from school summer holidays in July 2018:

> LineBallTennis - Clapham Common have written "assessor's report" for two its junior players trying for The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The juniors in question are Pablo and Olivia (pictured). They chose racquet sports tennis for their "physical" activity section of their Awards. If other local school children need to complete their "physical" section LBT will be happy to train and assess. (ks 19/6/18).
Olivia training for her Duke of Edinburgh's Award since January 2018
> Another free period to update our website with the stars of the show called LineBallTennis - ClaphamCommon (aka local tennis coach "Krishna"). Pictures speak a thousand word for self-promotion and for the juniors who simply express! As follows, May half-term camp and other private session ball-pyramid builders:
Happy Campers on School Holiday Inset Day Monday 4th June & Saturday 2nd June
 > Principal tennis-coach Krishna of LineBallTennis  - Clapham Common is happy to announce extended full-day sessions between 8.30am to 5 pm of "Strictly Come Junior Tennis Camp".  By local demand, extended morning and/or afternoon sessions are £8/£16 on top of usual full-day of £20,  will start this Spring half-term on 30th May Wednesday. LBT's Krishna understands this provide a valuable timing-facilty for working parents wishing to drop-off their young ones before starting  work. LBT expects to continue to school Summer holidays camp too, depending on demand. 

> Just when LineBallTennis  - Clapham Common and its principal tennis coach Krishna were thought to be for children only! Here  are some content adult Ball-Pyramid-Builders, including Krishna (ks 25/05/18):
Adult Ball-Pyramid-Builders from 2018: Akos, Briar, Krishna, Liudmila & Paul
> LineBallTennis - Clapham Common have a moment to blog some local tennis news and pictures. These are from LBT's on-going tennis coaching and Easter holidays Junior Tennis Camp, which ended two week ago. Also, following and completing Krishna's activism towards Local Council Elections.

>  By 16th May we just managed to get these LineBallTennis players pictures together (ie GIF from phone to laptop pictures - not cloud). LBT apoloigises for the delayed display of February  09 to 17th pictures of Clapham and district proteges;  without names but presence in warmer yet weird-weather year! (pictures received with parental approval mostly). Today feel-like temperature was 13 degrees celsius a 10 degrees lower than yesterday's hotter weater at plus 23 degrees:
Spring February 2018 "Strictly Come Junior Tennis Campers" with LineBallTennis camera by K K Siva(Yours truly).
> Here are a few select pictures from the Easter school holidays'
"LineBallTennis Strictly Come Tennis Camps":
Happy Campers! with LineBallTennis Easter'18 school half-term doing "Strictly Come Tennis Camp" at #ClaphamCommon
> Krishna with his talented junior members in his local coaching operations, perfected the "Dab-Follow-Thru" last  year's school holidays. Shown below are the trends sweeping the nation currently, known  as the"floss"; LBT's Krishna believe its a great trendy warm-up for its kds:

The Dab
The Floss
> Members of the public who use the Clapham Common Westside public tennis courts have consistently complained about not being able to book courts due to too many tennis coaches. LBT's principal tennis coach Krishna has also complained directly to Lambeth Council, which oversees how the outsourced municipal facility is run. Percieving me as lone disgruntled voice they have not heard or heeded the complaints. So they would like the public to write to Lesley Ambler, Commissioning Officer for Sports & Leisure at Lambeth via email: LAmbler@Lambeth.gov.uk

> The background  to the over-crowding at Clapham Common tennis courts is a single coach who hires additional external tennis coaches to run a tennis coaching business (when there are sufficent local LTA clubs set-up for that specific purpose). These coaches then get licensed by Lambeth and both contract for this coach or independently.

> Collecting wonderful pictures of our tennis juniors (and adults) when they build ball-pyramid gives an opportunity to showcase them and their joy in participation with LBT principal, Krishna. Below  are Mark and Mitya who have been dubbed "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" after the charachters of famous old Western film (KS 04-May-18).
Mark and Mitya at their usual Saturday training

> LineBallTennis of Clapham Common take this freak wintry snow blizzard weekend, to update our local tennis news. The freak weather has been headlined as euphemistically as "Mini Beast From The East". Dubbed "Mini" this time because we had a week long of this Siberian tundra weather pattern in the first week of March; due to irregular rotation of the jet-stream above Scandinavia which gathered the weather-front from Siberian tundra. The dumbing-down mainstream media called it the "The Beast From The East", instead of what it really is "CLIMATE CHANGE".

> Those chance visitors to our LBT webpages will know that the principal tennis coach Krishna is an activist these days (The Weatherman Underground) - a far cry from his trading floor investment broking and management  past! And that he propounds the not-too-difficult-to-comprehend and evidence-based ecological science that man-made climate-change is probable and actual. So we like to believe that President Donald Trump is not naive to the #climatechange science but his methods are designed  to circumvent widespread economic panic. Ask Krishna or follow his tweets (@LineBallTennis) if you'd like to know more about that bizarre logic attributed to Trump.

> On more  local tennis news and less weather and activism, LineBallTennis have been taking bookings for "Strictly Come Tennis Camps": the next one being Easter school holidays starting 26-March, right through to 17th April.

> Recent pictures of Junior and one adult  tennis-ball pyramid builders to follow here  (KS 17-Mar-18):
> About the old order of tennis featuring probably the greatest players ever, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, after ‘Sunshine Double’ (Indian Wells and Miami) tournaments of 2017 - click below:
A Sort of Older Order of Tennis Restored

> LineBallTennis - Clapham Common  presents  for the Spring mid-term school holidays in February 2018, its local tennis-ball pyramid-builders portfolio from 2017 below:

Spot the "Tennis-Ball-Pyramid Builders" of Clapham Common and their careful creations!
> Haapppppy Neewww Yeearrrrr To Yaaa! Also, hoping you had festive holidays in safety. Now to get motoring into the New Year, and lose any excess fat gained from the seasonal revelries. I've been called out to play tennis yesterday 10th January by a local adult; and being informed he had symptoms of "fatty liver" diagnosed. To which the self-serving remedy or cure is to cut-back on drinking and more exercise.

>Now signing-up for Spring Juniors Tennis Camp: For the 'uber' organised parents out there, I am giving notice of my Tennis Camp for spring expected to run from 12th to 23rd February. Scroll to the bottom of this page for details of value pricing, and about the limited and reserved places. Psst! pass it on.

> Also a reminder, that LineBallTennis have started an "Adult Drop-In Tennis Fridays" from 8pm. A chance to play doubles, practice tennis drills and perhaps socialise afterwards at The Nightingale pub is all for the inaugural princely sum of £4 for the hour. The only requisite other than your presence is to notify me "Krishna" in advance of your attendance. This adult scheme follows the somewhat successful Junior Tennis Drop-In earlier in the evening - which re-starts in the Spring.

> Autumn Camp Pictures - Continued:
Captions to follow. We wanted to remind ourselves of lovely Autumn sunshine as we head into the cold darker days perhaps, of the festive season.


  > Autumn Camp - 23rd-27th Oct. LineBallTennis - Clapham Common got our junior tennis camp underway, or at least for the morning session 10-12.30 pm. In the afternoon session the juniors unanimously voted to play football! There were only two juniors (as pictured below) in attendance and local tennis coach Krishna; slow start indeed. LBT's motto in such "bums-on-seats" moments is "Not the quantity, its the quality st**id". These two juniors are our kick-starter stars as they defected from a bigger commercial tennis enterprise preferring LineBallTennis brand of tennis passion.  [KS, 23rd Oct.2017]

Oct.23rd Monday PM: Autumn Junior Tennis Camp kick-starters Stars Mitya & Daniel - Flipping bottles!
Oct 23rd Monday PM: The Brands - #Dunlop. #Slazenger, #Adidas #ClaphamCommon, #Tennis.
> It may seems like summer was so long ago (just look at the pictures below to remind one); yet LineBallTennis - Clapham Common are looking forward to October Junior Tennis Autumn Camp. Please see details at foot of this page.

> Prices & Practices of Clapham Common Tennis Coaches: LineBallTennis serving Clapham Common is charging the best value tennis service without doubt; with less academic and more practical knowledge and experience. We have decided as a forthcoming Local Tennis News to compare coaching practices and prices charged by the excessive number of coaches. This critical price and service comparison is serving as local public information for parents and users; as well as considering "All Star Tennis" service delivered at rival Wandsworth Common, across the way.

> Autumn Equinox Sept.22-23: Having entered the time of  year where the days are shorter and the nights longer (bad news for day-light tennis!), i.e. crossed the Autumn Equinox, we present the final update to the LineBallTennis Junior Tennis Summer Camp. In pictures, we show the juniors on holiday in the sun mostly, and enjoying tennis and camaraderie.[KS Updated 11-Oct-17]
Sept. 5th Tues AM: Last day of LineBallTennis Summer Camp for junior tennis. Mood was content / happy showing of a ball-pyramid and doing the 'Dab'. Our stars were Lara, Kaia, Cyprien, Toby, Felix - hidden, Constance,Bella, Valerian & Spike.
Sept. 4th Mon. PM: The happy campers break-out for lunch - Kaia literally at the entrance to the courts. What a fiasco that caused with lost money! Also, who has swapped his racquet with baby Bamboo in the background?

1st Sept.Fri PM: Kaia action photo: early forehand preparation [Photo by Cyprien].  NEW COLLECTION OF KAIA BY CYPRIEN TO FOLLOW ON LINEBALLTENNIS.
1st Sept Fri AM: Guest Bambo with Kaia in the trenches of the Clapham Common Bowling Green [Photo by Cyprien].

1st Sept Fri.AM: Campers Freddy, Kaia, Constance & Valerian with guest Bamboo and mum Tomoka [Photo by Cyprien]

Aug.31st Thurs. AM: Coach Krishna have serious word with exiled in solitude, shamed in company Constance for bad behaviour! [Photo by Cyprien]

Aug.30th Weds: Freddy, Valerian, Cyprien Constance & Kaia - Really wet day, we took shlter in Bowling Green pavillion.
Aug.29th Tues AM (after bank-holiday)@ Leon, Cyprien, Bro, Constance, Ashley, Dan, Harrison & Kaia - Dabbers, Soldier & Footballer
Aug.25th Fri AM: Kaia, Jamie, Evelyn, Adam, Theo, Dan & Ashley, Ellen & Friend

Aug.25th Fri AM: same crew.
Aug.23rd Weds AM: Max & Nav (forefront), Roman, Jamie, Oscar?, Adam (Noah behind), Ellen, Freya & Kaia - Do the Dab

Aug.23rd Weds AM: Same crew!
Aug.21 Mon AM: Simran, Harrison, Kaia, Kashmir, Noah, Roman & Ellen - Ball-Pyramid Builders
Aug.21st Mon AM:Kashmir, Harrison, Kaia & Ellen Count 8 Different Racquet Sizes

 > Summer Tennis Camp - Update:
Though we did get scattering of sporadic showers, the big rains with lightning and thunder came on Friday 18th Aug., in the afternoon. Fortunately for our Junior Tennis camp attendants the rains came  just after 3pm, camp finishing time. Some waited for their parents arrival by wanting to play more in the rain; even after a full day of tennis. Here's the pictures of junior stars of LineBallTennis - Clapham Common:

Aug.18th Fri PM:Harrison & Ali Pavillion-End Court 3 - In the Rain!
Aug.18th Fri PM: Omar & Kaia Opposite-end Court 3 - In The Rain!
Aug.18th Fri AM: Ali, Kaia, Evelyn, Adam, Jamie, Luca, Costa, Daniel & Omar - at break time.
Aug.16th Weds. AM: Ali, Felix, Omar, Kaia, Daniel, Spike, Kosta & Luca - at break time.
Aug.14th Mon. AM: Eliza, Kaia, Omar & Ali - Kool Kaia & The Gang!

 > Summer Tennis Camp - Update: Second consecutive wet midweek, as mentioned in next item, gives us a chance to update pictures of Krishna's select junior tennis camp; let it roll:

Aug. 9th Weds. am: Lara, Bella and coach Krishna Indoors in Cafe

Aug. 8th Tues am: Mitya with 19" racquet!!! Bella with 21", Karoline with 25" and Lara with 25".

Aug.7th Mon. am: Mitya's super ball-pyramid!

Aug.7th Mon. am: Karoline, Super-Ball-Pyramid & Mitya

Aug.4th Fri am: Mitya, Guest, & Coach Krishna

> LineBallTennis Is More Than Tennis Cool! - Third week into school summer holidays, and midweek Wednesday 9th August, is again wet - all day! After cancelling and refunding his juniors of his Summer Tennis Camp, LineBallTennis - Clapham Common local coach Krishna, asked a sympathetic passer-by if it is just a wet "British summer" or is it "climate change" as well. The answer was "both".
Krishna is believer in man-made thermal pollution WILL change climate and environment. As if to prove it, he came across this book "Heat" by Arthur Herzog, one of the earliest fiction on climate-change in disaster scenario. Is it fiction?
Wet British Summer and Climate Change
> Summer Tennis Camp - Update: On a wet day as today, on the 2nd of August, LineBallTennis at Clapham Common and Krishna its principal have an opportunity to post activities midweek, during its 2nd week of Junior Tennis Summer Camp; and so on:
Aug 3rd Thursday PM session: Coach Krishna with Reema, Nyat & Sammy

Aug 3rd Thursday AM session: Lara Daniel and Kaia with guest Bamboo

Aug 2nd Wednesday: George at Camp With LineBall's "SwingBall"

Aug 1st Tuesday: Lara & Kaia Holding Their Overnight Designed Poster For LineBallTennis & Having Built The Ball-Pyramid - Wow!

July 31st Monday: Cyprien Joins LineBallTennis Poster Girls Kaia & Lara, with Ball-Pyramid.

> Summer Tennis Camp - Starts on 24th July

LineBallTennis - Clapham Common, run by Krishna, is selecting up to 8-10 junior tennis players to start Summer Camp from 24th July. If you would like to join this select group, please contact Krishna the "local coach" directly. More details at the foot of this web page.

>Tennis-Ball-Pyramid Builders: The required patience and organising to build a pyramid of tennis balls while simply collecting and gathering the balls we feel is noteworthy. Watch this space for photo's of these junior tennis stars of LineBallTennis - Clapham Common.

> Its Not About The Quantity Its The Quality, Stupid! That was the way of things for the end-May half-tem camp that LineBallTennis - Clapham organised impromptu. We, or just Krishna the LBT principal, had just three junior players as camp starters between Wednesday and Friday from 10-1pm - regular star, Kaia, and brother and sister duo Oliver and Ava. While another "overcrowded" camp with 30+ toddlers and mixed-ages were alternating on two courts and green space behind court. 
More on this on our blog piece exposing scandalous global and local scams.
Regular star of LineBallTennis - Clapham Common camps, Kaia with pyramid-balls!
The full camp course attendant Kaia (shown above), aged 9, said she really got a lot out of the focused pro's attention (Semi-western forehand, serving from scratch-back position and devising a circuit).
New comers Oliver and Ava, could only stay the first hour of three. They'd arranged swimming for afterwards, not knowing about junior half-term camp - which was little publicized and impromptu. 

Oliver who stayed behind from attending swimming on last day of camp, due to an ear infection, has started a rivalry with Kaia. The younger Kaia overcame stronger Oliver 3-1 in games, with latter talking of "pressure", but coolly handling "McEnroesque" outburst of former. Epic encounter with long rallies on a near-full court!
Former British No.1 Tennis Player & Local LineBallTennis - Clapham Pro.
On the Thursday 1st June, Krishna spotted and stopped Andrew Castle for a selfie for this web-page, and chat reminder about "quality not quantity" of tennis. Andrew is a former British number one tennis pro who is remembered by LBT for a great match with Boris Becker, and a current commentator on TV and radio, especially sensational LBC radio. Andrew is local resident who known to LBT, said casually he was off to Wimbledon in the afternoon. Hope that well Andrew. (Updated 2nd June, 2017 - post Half-Term Junior Camp)
> Here below is a video of LineBallTennis - Clapham Common Krishna serving: Can anyone spot the obvious mistake he is making in his service technique? We occasionally use slow-motion video analysis for spotting mistakes.

> Here are some more ball-pyramid builders from our roster of clients:
Juliana Collecting Balls In A Pyramid Fashion!
Vera & Mark Collecting Pyramid-Balls.
Mitya - The Builder of Super Pyramid-Balls!
> LineBallTennis - Clapham Common Krishna was visiting local tennis courts near LOUTH ROAD, Grimsby, Lincolnshire in Feb/Mar'17: and IS keen to get in touch with coaches Gemima and Mark, especially SUPER SHOT player JULIE! An exchange programme was planned with players keen to get clean 'northern' air and a spot of tennis. Please DO get in touch via our 'Contacts' page as your details have been lost but never forgotten.

> Following The Muted Success Of LBT's Summer Camps (for Juniors aged 5-14 at Clapham Common from Monday 11th July to Friday 2nd September), Krishna, its overseer, is promoting "propa" tennis camp for school half-term holidays in the autumn and right through winter for the hardy tennis players - See Details at Bottom of This Page.

> One of our Clapham Common residents and spouse and father of LBT tennis players has inspired us to uniquely market the Gift Business Card Scheme. Basically Sukdev wanted to purchase a block of tennis lessons for his wife Mandish's birthday (back in February this year - we've been busy!). Their children whom LBT  also coach,  shown in photo below Kashmir and Simran. We think this is a genuine get-fit, get-sporty and fun-filled course of 5 or ideally 10 starter / improver tennis lessons tailored for the individual's ability and tennis enjoyment.

Since LBT motto encompasses "Tennis Is Our Pleasure... Not A Business!"  the Gift Card Scheme is affordably accessible to one and all. Scheme's  success was validated when a block of three lessons was offered as a prize for Friends of Clapham Common Summer Party raffle (of whom Krishna is associated with as treasurer).

> More Summer Camp news about the junior poseurs vogueing. If you can spot Zoolander's (Ben Stiller) famous "blue steel" pose in this picture please tell us to win a free can of Wimbledon 2016 used tennis balls. Apart from those captioned in the picture below, other Summer Camp attendees by arrangement were Daniel, Juliana, Nicolas...

> [KS, 6th September 2016]

To Be Continued...

Morning Only Camp (10am-12.30pm) costs £10 per session or £80 for 10.

Full Day Camp (10am-3pm) costs £20 per session or £160 for 10.

Additional hours from 8.30-10am or from 3-5pm are available at £8 per session.

First Come First Serve: Minimum first 5 juniors to enroll for Summer Camp Programmes accepted to avoid over-crowding.

>LineBallTennis-Clapham Common Have Been In Hibernation With Regards To Updating Our "Local Tennis News" (see our Local Tennis News - Archive). Yet, principle coach of LBT, Krishna has been actively busy on the Clapham Common tennis courts coaching, resuming after Christmas and Easter holidays. At time of writing, the second week of a rain-delayed #FrenchOpen is underway at Roland Garros, Paris. (KS 31-May-2016).

> Frequent and enquiring  visitors to this LineBallTennis website will have noticed the Twitter messages from @LineBallTennis. These are an integral and complementary activity to enhance the lifestyle of tennis, in Krishna's craft. Tennis has an intellectual and elitist basis and origins. Kings and  elite establishment figures originated the game of tennis which has filtered down to the folks. Don't take LBT's word for it, shown below is a Wikipedia extract. So in that vein, the LBT progenitor and purveyors believes in "social activism", especially with the advent of social media and the Internet medium. We would like YOUR Tweet rejoinder to the debate on climate change, #EUreferendum and other social-impacts; of course, indeed including tennis.

"...the game's ancient origin lay in 12th century northern France, where a ball was struck with the palm of the hand. King Louis X of France was a keen player of "jeu de paume" ("game of the palm")..."  - Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennis - 31-May-16
> From the last Winter post of Local Tennis News, website visitors and weekend players at Clapham Common may know Paul. He and Krishna started developing a backhand drive and general training and practice in tennis, in the search for the Holy Grail of Backhands. He was noted in the end-of-year  post as the most-improved adult tennis player of 2015. In early April while playing on artificial hard-court surface at Wigmore LTC he turned his ankle. Later he found he had fractured his ankle in two places, and consequently has been able train with LBT on sunday mornings. Paul's afternoon weekend playing partner Maurice is looking for stand-in players, and Krishna is matching time-convenience and playing-standards to make arrangements. Please call drop a line to LBT if your available after 2pm in the weekends.   

> Following on from news about Paul, as LBT's Most Improved Adult Player of 2015, LBT wish to give a shout-out for birthdays in May and June for its players. In June, Paul himself will see in half-century innings. Lesser ages were achieved in May by Tom, turning 10, and his friend and playing partner Max who celebrated birthday few weeks, also turning 10. Indeed, also a mention goes to Kaia, our poster-child for the Junior Drop-In Friday between 6-7pm. Below is her poster designed for LBT - Clapham Common:

LineBallTennis - #ClaphamCommon Poster-Child "Kaia" Birthday in May.

A seasonal message from Krishna of LineBallTennis to all his hard-working tennis improvers at the #Clapham Common public tennis courts.  Most have worked with me to advance their tennis capabilities from years past, and towards continuing in the New Year. Also Seasonal wishes to the attendant "guys" in the club house / pavillion at Clpaham, the other coaches and staff at Lambeth Council.
"I thank you all indeed for working with me , and have a very merry Christmas and a jolly New Year - xk."  (ks 22Dec15)

An end of year mention for Krishna's most-improved adult tennis player of 2015: Paul (as pictured above with Krishna), was at the last tennis lesson of 2015 on 20th December. He and Krishna have been working particularly on improving the back-hand; when LBT's Krishna first trained him, Paul was reverting to only a back-hand slice, or more aptly a chopped block. With inveterate habit Paul still deploys his trusted back-hand option, but has in his tennis-strokes artillery a strong backhand drive, with top spin too. The search for The Holy Grail Of Backhand (for Paul, Stan Wawrinka is role-model), including re-progamming natural instincts continues unabated at #Clapham Common public tennis courts. (ks 22Dec15)

> Another long duck broken by Andrew Murray in winning the international team tennis competition known as The Davis Cup. Team Great Britain represented by Andrew Murray won the final rubber matches on 29 November 2015 to win the title, last won by the country 79 years ago. Congratulations - As if it ever was in doubt after reaching the final! Instead of watching the final day LineBallTennis' coach Krishna protested at #GlobalClimateMatch in London. (ks 29Nov'15)

> The grandeur of the O2 Barclays ATP Tour Finals and local tennis matters at hand in this update: Tennis junior Ben age 6 from Germany and his father Nico demonstrate  LineBallTennis's favourite photo opportunity of "pyramid balls" (see pictures below). The related local nuance news is that Krishna with Sub-Continental heritage discovered the joys of yoga from a German neighbour and yoya instructor friend Sybille (check her yoga service out www.sybille.co.uk); and now the link which inspired Krishna to play tennis, Boris Becker in 1985-86 at Wimbledon, is teaching junior Ben from Boom Boom Boris's country : great karmic relationship and responsibility told! (ks 23Nov'15)

 Ben On Court 3 - Pyramid Ball Collecting
Ben & father Nico - Who Collected The Balls?!

> LineBallTennis - LBT visited Barclays ATP World Tour Finals at the O2, London between November 15-22, 2015. On the first occasion (3rd day Tuesday evening session) LineBallTennis coach Krishna was taken by his client and local neighbour Albin. We were treated to lavish Barclays Lounge - Level 1 hospitality with great view of the players on the court. The spectacle we witnessed confirmed LBT's latest opinion on the former King of Tennis Roger Federer (See here Revolution By The Deposed King Federer):

Indeed Mr Federer defeated Novak Djokovich in straight sets 7-5 6-2 in rather dominant fashion. Not only was Roger aggressively taking the game to Novak, but what was different from recent matches between the two players, was that the former was making the winners, hitting the lines, getting the net-tape luck and predominantly stronger on backhand with fewer mis-hits. Federer was relaxed but determined at the crucial stages. LBT believe his  "wait-and-see" attitude combined with poor luck at pivotal points in their Grand Slam Finals' matches at Wimbledon and US Open earlier this year  was why the deposed king of tennis revolution is STILL only in the making! More later... (ks 18Nov'15) 

Barclays ATP World Tour Finals - Continued: 
Krishna found less lavish hospitality, but nonetheless enjoyed a second consecutive visit on the 4th day Wednesday evening session at the O2 Arena. The end of season tennis finale lived up to its name, as a jittery doubles contest featuring Ivan Dodig and Marcelo Melo versus Jean-Julien Rojer and Horia Tecau (eventual semi-finalist & Championship doubles winners) was followed by David Ferrer versus Stan Wawrinka. The latter being bigger badder player slogged through fighting fierce "El Torro" Ferrer 7-5 6-2. 
After the the doubles session Krishna was wandering around the entrance blocks of the O2 Arena stadium, and spotted one-half of a legendary doubles duo (see below pictures). This legend, commenting on my suggestion of a let-down performance by Ivan Dodig's partner Marcelo Melo, Peter Fleming coolly replied "These things happen!".(ks 24Nov'15)

Krishna & Peter: "These things happen!"

Roger & Tecu: Winners of ATP Tour Final 2015
Dodig & Melo - SF losers of ATP Finals
Ferrer & Wawrinka
1st Set Serve Statistics Suggest Wawrinka Lost It?!

> LBT are seeking and posting testimonials from its clients and friends, about the Clapham Tennis services we are providing. To date we have received very kind commentary about our coaching and stringing service (see also here).

> SPECIAL OFFER: LineBallTennis are offering 5 lessons at 60 for groups of between 2 and 4 juniors. This offer is to capture the summer holiday children, who are remaining or visiting in Clapham Common and district. Pssst, please pass it on!

> On 12th July 2015, LineBallTennis and friends visited Wimbledon Centre Court for Men's Final Day (as pictured below posing near food village). Also, read in our 'Latest Blog' what LineBallTennis's Krishna thought of the Djokovich-Federer Rivalry.
Left-to-Right: Krishna, Tizer, Jack and Andrew Posing Near Food Village during a Break

 >Prior to The Championship fortnight in SW19, LineBallTennis and local resident and Member of Grafton LTC  Greg visited Wimbledon Qualifiers in Roehampton. LBT's Krishna went 3 out of the 4 days to see the next tier of men and women tennis players i.e. those junior and adults unable to get automatic entry into the main Wimbledon draws. The lure of the well-kept-secret tournament aside, over the years of being a tennis groupie, Krishna identified and introduced himself to quality fringe tennis players: Dustin Brown (of Germany who recently beat Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon 2015), Ram Rajeev (of USA, age 3, defeated tall-standing 185h ranked John Isner in this year's grass court season at Newports, USA's ATP Hall of Fame Championships) Karolina Pliskova and twin sister Krystina Pliskova. Below are some faces and names that maybe more familiar to some tennis players.
Left-to-Right: Sam Groth (from 2012) Miloslav Mecir II ('12) and Ivan Dodig ('15)
> Rip-off Britain:  Rogue exploitative tennis coaching practices have been and are abound in Clapham Common public tennis courts, even nowadays under the auspices of Lambeth Council's Lambeth Tennis Network - LTN.  To local residents new and old,  and novitiate tennis players. LBT's long-standing local resident and tennis coach Krishna has a vested interest in promoting good practice (players per court, coaches per players & price per player etc), as advocated by UK tennis body Lawn Tennis Association - LTA, at least at its administered affiliate clubs. This is NOT an attack on any particular coach but a local public information service, and self-vested promotion of LBT tennis services.

Q. When does a novice tennis enthusiast not know what is good value tennis coaching?  

A. When they do not know that group-coaching of 6 players per court was £2 per session, which lasted one-and-half hour.

This information service seems pertinent as below picture depicts what LineBallTennis Krishna saw with one coach between two courts and over 12 players (on 22-July-15 at 7.45pm) at Clapham Common public tennis courts. Talk about fair class size, and state of British tennis is at stake. 

N.B. Picture of Abuse Showing Merely Excessive Number of Players On Court Without Being Able To Identify the Participants Was Removed at The Behest of Lambeth Council's ofiicer Trevor East  Lambeth Tennis Network - LTN

Regards, Krishna, July '15

> Summer is just round the corner, officially Summer Equinox on June 21st. For LineBallTennis – LBT, our tennis service has been continuous at local Clapham Common public tennis courts. On 1st of May 2015, Friday we started our inaugural weekly Junior Drop-In Friday at 6pm. While inauguration was a Bank Holiday weekend and attendance low, LBT did host long-time local family, and their friend. Brother aged 11 and sister aged 7, Harrison and Kaia (respectively in left frame picture, they are middle and right), with Leon from Tooting doing the guitarist / rocker smirk. The Junior Drop-In Friday was also mentioned previously on www.facebook/lineballtennis. The following day Saturday, for usual “monkeying around” and serious tennis drills, following their football practice, Max and Tom (in right frame picture, middle and right respectively) and their friend  "Billy of Bonneville" (far left on left pic).

 > Local Badminton Road resident and experienced junior tennis player Dylan aged 13, whom we mentioned in earlier blog - see here, narrowly missed out on being selected for ball-boy privileges at this year’s Wimbledon Championships in the summer. As protégé and friend of LineBallTennis we were disappointed we could not help further his trials / application. Yet we were more than encouraged with Dylan’s philosophical responsive attitude: “I’ll try again next year!”. LBT will aid and follow progress.

> LineBallTennis – LBT are accompanying our valued clients to The Wimbledon Championship Qualifying matches. This annual event is a little known pre-Wimbledon tennis tournament that happens locally near Roehampton. For more details on this ‘hush-hush’ event, and those wishing to attend with LBT’s coach Krishna please contact us at lineball@talktalk.net or message us via our FaceBook site www.facebook/lineballtennis (our mobile telephone line 07404 125073 is now obsolete). Last year at this Wimbledon Qualifying event LBT recognized, and was somewhat perplexed at seeing a familiar eccentric tennis player (see picture). Can anyone correctly identify this player in the picture with LBT’s Krishna?

> Also, LineBallTennis – LBT is boastful of having tickets and going to The Wimbledon Championship Men’s Final Day at local SW19. Of course I am not playing there then; though I’m going on the day, along with parent Andrew, and LBT-coached star Jack, who may still have a chance to play final’s day on the haloed turf of the Centre Court. Below is the official poster The Championships 2015 designed by Russian paper artis Yulai Brodskaya. At the heart of the design is the one week later start date of The Championships. Read more about it here. The historical traditional beginning of Wimbledon, one day after Summer Equinox, is perhaps significantly indicative of Climate Change!

Source: Wimbledon.Com
 > And finally, a mention in LBT’s Local Tennis News for the 17th May, Nepal Benefit Fund-Raiser event organized by much-liked Sunil. He is normally serving in the court booking huts, and increasingly playing tennis at Clapham Common courts. Sunil, who is descended from Nepal, organized a lively event with 5-piece band, raising money for the recent tragic earthquake that hit that country. And I am sure for the famed courage of the Gurkhas, some local regulars at the public tennis courts turned-up to play social doubles tennis and sample Nepalese buffet cuisine. For those who are not familiar with the geography: the highest mountain in the world, the Himalayas are nearby, with many Nepalese having lost their lives acting as mountain-guides “Sherpas” to the venturing mountineers. Those local Clapham Common sympathizers, not able to attend the fund-raiser event may like to donate to directly to Sunil, to see money put to a worthy cause.

> LineBallTennis Spring Programme (for dates of next half term please contact LBT)

Regards, KrishnaJune'15

> LineBallTennis have NOT been in winter hibernation! We have been on the Clapham Common tennis courts in damp dreary cold weather, and also in glorious foretaste of Spring sunshine too. Thank you to the hard-core tennis practicing players for keeping LBT busy especially during weekends in the quiet seasonal period. You know who you are without the star name mentions - LBT gratitude.

> After the recent mid-term school break the children are restarting their tennis with us. Here we give a special mention to the third member of the "Three Musketeers" Behruz. He is shown in the picture below performing a balancing-act to collect tennis balls on his racquet during 1st of March Sunday squad drills. Behruz's is 7 years of age and joins his fellow musketeers, Hippolyte and Cyprien in LBT's Local Tennis News (see Local Tennis News - Archive) for his fuming outrage  for Hippolyte having knocked the balls off his racquet earlier in the lesson. In the picture below, after his tantrum remonstrations, Behruz displays himself calm collected yet with telling mischievous smile. Behruz has also enhanced the "know-your-tennis-court" game by suggesting we not only race to the named place on the tennis court, but HOW we get there e.g. "By sidestepping etc, the first one to the net!"

Regards, Krishna 05 Mar'15

> Due to the fire at the Clapham Common Westside Bowling Green and Tennis clubhouse on 30th Oct'14 - read  all about it in LBT blog, all telephone tennis court booking to be done through Ferndale Booking 0207 7738 6834 or through Better Online. The hut number 0207 223 9837 is out of use in the interim.

Mid-Oct'14: In case you have NOT noticed the launch of Dame Vivienne Westwood's semi-autobiography in the last month (pictures below). LineBallTennis's principal Krishna has known Dame Vivienne's family since he descended on these  shores in 1977, the year of the Queens Silver Jubilee. LBT recommend the biography for local rock and fashion flavour of an era that went 'viral', having originated very near the Clapham Common Bowling Green Tennis Courts.

This is NOT merely a 'plug' for a good read or LBT's connection to a local fashion leader and Climate Revolution activist, the other newsworthiness to local tennis is that, LineBallTennis coached Andreas. He is the fashion designer 'hubby' of Dame Vivienne. Early communication suggests Andreas is to resume LBT tennis lessons - having recovered from his shoulder injury. Achtung!

> Clapham local residents and LBT junior stars Hippolyte and Cyprien of Bellville Primary School (the latter having moved schools recently), show-off creativity in the field of tennis ball pyramid in the picture below. Such charismatic junior reinforce LBT's moto "Tennis is Our Pleasure!". LBT principal Krishna is looking forward to resuming tennis training with them after they return from half-term break.

Hippolyte & Cyprien
> LBT are still forming a list of local tennis players, whom can be contacted for playing partners for tennis at Clapham Common Westside public tennis courts.To join the LIST simply submit in confidence your name, mobile number or email and indicating when you can be spotted playing. LBT need to watch briefly to assess player standard. Send details to LineBall@talktalk.net. 
Regards, Krishna 03 Nov'14

> Local resident and experienced junior tennis player Dylan aged 13, is having trials this week at his school for appearance as ball boy at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 2015.  The preliminary stage trials to select ball boys / girls for June / July 2015 at SW19 is taking place at participating schools for Year 9 - 11 class age groups. LineBallTennis - Clapham wish Dylan well, and will support and follow his progress. Other parents wishing to have chance for their youngster to participate  in the greatest tennis tournament in the world should enquire with Lawn Tennis Association and the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

> From the kind parents and deeds of the parents of LBT's junior tennis client Cyprien, to publish LineBallTennis at Belleville Primary School, we now have new adult tennis client Gemma, who is school governor there. LBT consider this an additional endorsement to the numerous working professionals who have taken the plunge to learn tennis with LBT founder Krishna K. Siva.

> Some Clapham Common public tennis courts users have suggested starting a list of local tennis players, whom can be contacted for playing partners. LBT encourages more court-time play to complement tennis lessons to all its clients. We are therefore starting a list of names of locals who would like player introduction. To join in simply submit to us your name, mobile number / email and when you can be spotted playing for LBT to watch briefly for player standard. For LBT's inaugural player introduction this week, we start with Albin and James. Bon Chance Monsieurs!  

Regards, Krishna 06-Oct-2014

> I was standing outside Clapham South tube this morning 24-Sept 8.15am, handing out Season 2014/15 LineBallTennis cards when yet another person commented on tennis coach Julian Cousin’s bad ATTITUDE! An adult lady mentioned that he was “…quite curt…” when she was making enquiries with him...

 I convey this not only as a competing coach at Clapham Common tennis courts and that I had taken a natural dislike to his Jekyl & Hyde personality; but relevantly to state that this outpouring about Mr Cousins’ erratic behaviour is one in a string of vitriolic criticisms proffered to me.

 If anyone has other historic or current complaints please direct them to me and I shall see Lambeth Tennis Network is made aware. Perhaps my last blog augurs a meaning closer to home about “King Is Dead: The New Guard!”.  Regards, Krishna 24-Sept-2014

Regards, Krishna 24-Sept-2014