Saturday 10 September 2022

Beguilled Wonderment Being Robbed In / On Court


Long-live King Charles III of U.K 

Day one after "Queenie bee" H.M. Elizabeth Regina / Queen or whatever her title; died there was a relief and mourning in which ever interpretation and touched-sentimentality. Or was there an energy-price hike via spectre of  austere inflation that ALL will face - maybe towards pricing-us-out of energy consumption via air / car travel, for climate-change sake! -. 

But The Queen, a face known to the world, arguably less benefitting humanity than Michael Jackson, yet globally powerfully influential as symbol of the British Empire, as she virually rubber-stamps Prime Ministers and other dignataries etc of the United Kingdom, and other #politiciansRcriminals (especially, when they are unserving of the public-interest; instead subserviance to a RICH-OLIGARCH sponsored slick-connected-greasy lobbyst). You know which side you are on through hypocrisy! I am a british subject just commemorated 45 years in UK; from birth to childhood raised in Sri Lanka to the age eight.

That was commemorating an institution with vestiage in "dificult" history, as she H.M described about singular massaacre in colonial Indian past! To be continued now of Lambeth Council management process for £1000 fee license, and explots of "dodgy Cousins"..

Latest is that rumouring about MY NOT having a license: another latest stooge of Julian Cousin's informed me. Here is "french" Francois's voice-recording attacking me while defending himself as employee of Julian to extend himself as YET another tennis-coach at over-crowded monopoly Clapham Common Westside SW4 9AN.  

Local Tennis News (by Krishna Siva, principal at LineBall Tennis May 28th, 2022)

No! this is NOT a report of Queen's Platinum Jubillee and how her citizens have been robbed under their noses for 70 years or historically longer via British Royalty. Instead a report about administrative fob-off and business rip-offs.

 Principal Krishna of LineBall Tennis met with Lambeth Council Sports + Leisure over concerns about the transition period before introduction a new revamped licensing scheme for its local and Lambeth-wide tennis coaches. The new license was proposed 1st June 2021, and is exected to be in force in September 2022, and cost £1,000 at Clapham venue.

Krishna, a stakeholder at Calpham Common tennis-courts through his post-City livilihood as tennis-coach, had qualms about the allocation of prime-time court-bookings between the official tennis coaches allowed block-booking at Clapham Common. The local authourity's head of parks and leisure had generated a report in response about recent peak and off-peak court-allocations. This is shown below:

 ***5 pie-carts of allocation

So Julian Cousin's is the biggest honco stakeholder in terms of tennis-court hours allocated, with PlayBall and LineBall Tennis trailing, Note that PlayBall are NOT even about tennis-coaches but large international "commercial" toddler-group activities - also an issue at odds raised with the Council officials - more later.