Adult Coaching

"Tennis Is Our Pleasure...!" is our overriding mission statement.

We refer to 'our pleasure' being not just about enjoyment of LineBallTennis (LBT) principals' activities but also of our many engaging tennis playing enthusiasts. If one is not enjoying fully every court experience with LineBallTennis then the coaching principals should not at all be satisfied. Some other coaches are satisfied if half the players on court have fun - they tend to treat tennis as simply a business!

With playing experience and full participation in the tennis game for over 30 years Krishna has developed and adapted the coaching technique gained from his PTR professional tennis certification. LineBallTennis tennis coaches embody those principles. 

We start by getting players to play tennis from the very beginning. For example, paradoxically we treat 'beginners' and 'novice' players as being able to play tennis  already. Potentially we can all hold a tennis racquet and can aim to hit the ball into other side of the court as an basic objective. Then we introduce rudimentary elements of tennis in technical steps to hone their specific and full potential. For example, if the would-be tennis enthusiast is happy with their grip then LBT introduce 'alternative ones' to be aware of. Then we may look at the three components of their forehand or other swing stroke... so it is evolution of players at LineBallTennis not textbook graduated revolution as basic coaches administer.

Three Components of Every Swing