Wednesday 22 July 2015

Revolution By The Deposed King Federer

At The A.E.L.T.C Championships in Wimbledon SW19 on 12th July 2015, Krishna the local tennis coach at Clapham Common municipal courts, witnessed a quiet determined revolution by the seemingly deposed King of Men's Tennis.

Krishna by Wimbledon's Final Day Scoreboard

Centre Court Royal Box - Prize Giving For Mixed Doubles Champions

Roger Federer, the undisputed Grand Slam champion, with 17 career titles, not only in perspective demolished our very own British Andy Murray (7-5 7-5 6-4) in the semi-final round of The Championships, but in LineBallTennis - LBT principal Krishna's opinion, signalled that 'the old dog' still has life in him (given fortuitous circumstances of grand slam draws, surface, and player seeding etcetra). Remember that Federer is still number two in the official ATP World Tour ranking, indeed if any substantiation to his longevity at the very top of men's tennis is needed. This change of heart observation of Federer's grand slam winning chances follows on the heels of LineBallTennis pronouncement in September 2014 that "The King Is Dead: The New Guard!", after disgust at his capitulation in the 2014 U.S. Open.

The analysis behind why LineBallTennis principal believes 'King Roger' still has a winning chance at the Grand Slams are manifold. Krishna has revised his opinion and stated:

"I do not believe it is fantasy wishful thinking that Federer can win another grand slam, especially on grass; or that he has just blown his last chance losing to Novak Djokovich in the final of Wimbledon. But moreover, that the chance and opportunity may prevail again".

The perhaps fleeting chance to beat Novak "Nole" was excitedly anticipated by Krishna, who had triumphantly won Wimbledon ballot tickets to see the final day's matches on the Sunday at SW19. By the ambience on Centre Court, the expectation or support for Federer to go all the way was applauded by most of that exclusive tennis crowd. The crowds' urging and willing of Federer to battle was clearly one-sided. Only out of British cordial politeness did the crowd seem to applaud Djokvich's rally victories. Krishna had teasingly mentioned to his Finals Day companion that he would like to put etiquette aside and really be partisan in supporting Federer: by booing Novak's immaculate withstanding of the 'FedEx' barrage.

Technically, Federer was attacking and playing as aggressive game as ever, and as fans may not have witnessed in recent years. In other words, playing his best tennis and rightly taking his game to Novak. Novak became the tireless scampering, acrobatic retrieving and unnervingly fearless counter-puncher. Federer seemed to inevitably to hit the net or the excruciating tape from his aggressive flat low drives, in the set-winning rallies, bar one. For Federer, this Wimbledon tone was different from the word go: only hardy battle-tank Australian Sam Groth (6-4 6-4 5-7 6-2) had taken a set off Federer before the final match. Similarly the route to the final for Mr Djokovich was somewhat straightforward; yet in the quarter-final Kevin Anderson gave Novak a humbling shock he will not forget in a hurry. A second day carried-on match with a one set shoot out, especially with a giant big-server on peak performance, should have finally undone Novak's progress in The Championship (6-7 6-7 6-1 6-4 7-5); if not earlier after the South African lead the world number one and reigning king 2-0 in sets on the prior day. Mr Anderson will not be getting a Christmas card or crate of champagne from the Federer camp this year, in Krishna's jovial opinion!

 To humbly acknowledge Novak Djokovich as reigning King is deserved valour and just: with 9 singles grand slam titles it is petty and witless to call Djokovich a 'pretender' to the crown! And especially with the other established protagonist to the crown, Rafael Nadal stuttering with injuries and regaining his monstrous self-belief. The margin of victory between Novak and Roger's matches are mostly a fine line, as testified by a unique 20-20 head-to-head count in all matches, as shown on this up to date July'15 Wikipedia page about their special rivalry. Interesting to note that after this final encounter at Wimbledon Novak leads Federer 7-6 in head-to-head Grand Slam matches.

One should expectantly feel there is more to come from this crescendo great rivalry Djokovic Vs. Federer. LineBallTennis wants to be part of this s Federer Revolution and is in early planning for a US Open tour for its clients and friends.

p.s. Talking of mutineers and rebels to the Crown, LineBallTennis acknowledge and hail the enormity of dread-locked Dustin Brown, of Germany, in defeating the great Rafael Nadal (7-5 3-6 6-4 6-4), even if seeded Wimbledon number 10. The unique Dustin @DreddyTennis came into Wimbledon main draw via the qualifiers at Roehampton. Where LBT’s Krishna greets him frequently, after first meeting him in 2012. Dustin’s win is a coup d’├ętat of gargantuan proportions, not mere revolution. Also, didn’t the win draw some parallels with another German who thirty years ago at Wimbledon, as a shy brash 17 year old, upset the tennis establishment with his incredulous never-to-be-repeated Wimbledon Mens Final victory. Yes you know who Krishna means: ‘The Wunder kid’ and ‘Boom Boom’. Long rein the legends!