Thursday 1 June 2017

Think Global, Act Local - DRAFT

And another phrase or philosophy we at LineBallTennis - Clpahma like is "Everything Is Connected". So we join-the-dots for these global and local thoughts and actions:

> Eventually and actually "Brexit"
>Manipulated electoral  populism of Trump victory
>Le Pen defeated but Macron is more Hollande
>Corbyn victory possibility & implications:
>Re-Nationalisation of Railway & Utilities in UK
> Green Economy From Climate Change Actuality
>40 years of right-wing agenda changes cycles (neoliberalism or Friedman / Hayak economics)
>Celebrity fashion & popular culture fostered to sell globalisation

So we write about "over-crowding in turnover-economies" in broader or global meaning, and then relate that to a local context - even possibly a tennis one, as per the blog!

For instance principals at LineBallTennis supported "Brexit". LBT supported "Leave" campaign due to over-crowding in numerous aspects of everyday life; as an instance, the London Underground's Northern Line, is filth of an old line with assortments connecting north and south of the Thames. As one of the earliest tube-lines it was not built to accommodate such commuter traffic. Yet regionalisation of the UK into Europe means UNLIMITED Europeans. Where in fact there have always been European moving to London to live work and make home, but not on the scale of movement or influx since the EU membership. This was not in the capacity considerations when the tube-lines were planned. Aboriginal UK citizens never bought-in to idea that you were a "racist" for abandoning the European Union project, particularly to find national identity and not be lost and crowded-out, in a forever and faster changing England. But that, "State of the Nation" demands more nationalism and socialism, and less globalist expansion by countries and companies - i.e. massive "commercial  and land grab", via Freedom of Movement (which Britain will test-case via triggering Aricle 50 to Brexit). As if the exit process is not as simple as saying to EU: "This is not your "Treasure Islands" mate "F*** O**!"

Of course that distinct European countries are heading towards a Federal States of Europe via EU, exactly like the mess of American states, other wise known as U.S.A; a diaspora populous all heralding from somewhere and nowhere! If we are that mixed and lost in identity already, so soon may that end.  Lets fix an abode and address, at least for the sake of addressing the elephant in the room, climate change, and the other irreversible damage to the environment as we know it by a few "stupid white men" - title of book by Michael Moore. Then think of the USA / America as an example of a migrant society and what federalism had done for it! Think of States such as Illinois, and ghetto cities such as Detroit. Is this the role model we want to follow in the 21st century, one which has been badly re-enacted from old bad Europe days of imperialism?

A gathering and grouping of anything is a "regionalisation", just as "nationalisation" remotely meant nation-wide railway and utilities networks. Language is dynamic and meanings associated to words change. "Nationalisation" more probably means business operating within the remit of the national government, as British Railways once was.
If you are still following the train-of-logic: the regionalisation of areas and powers of Europe into countries, while fighting over them, was pre-occupation in pre-War era. In principal, togetherness unity and love of differences and cooperation without wars is INDEED the ideal; but all it actually exploitatively and effectively means is Lidl Aldi Starbucks MacDonalds and other multi-national companies - MNCs. Commercial expansion is the much less publicized essence of the EU and other multilateral groupings and organisations. For instance Virgin Trains is partly owned by DeutscheBahn, which is the government owned German highways authority. The EU membership facilitated such sovereign-state cross-border deals.

LBT are not cynical or hesitant about ideals, but for when it is a mere facade of propaganda we are strongly "anti-globalist", in context of what it in fact means. UKIP, Le Pen, Trump and Gert Wilders etc are such figure-heads for dissent against status-quo establishment; anti-sentiment by populism not often aired or voiced in multi-cultural secular societies. For instance, "America First" as President Trump calls his campaign is "nationalism". In one respects it is supposed to mean "put American interests first" eg bring back jobs offshored in globalisation, including tax-haven tax-dollars / loot. Or in that double-speak of lexicon it maybe interpreted as "lets shut shop to Chinese expansion interests".

Whether we like it or not the sentiment of the voting public are grass roots of long-term trend reversals. Conservatives' and Margaret Thatcher's ideal of capitalism has run its course in entirety to "excessive capitalism", since 1977. To balance and bring equilibrium, Jeremy Corbyn's opposite doctrine of socialism is a certainly the order of the day; better than more of the same as practised by New Labour and the Tories themselves over last last 40 years to 2017. All this excess in capitalism is highlighted more so in cities, and especially in vogue cities like London with its great history and a magnet for businesses.

Part II

So from this "overcrowding of interests" in a global world "geopolitics" contextuality,  we get to a local interest Clapham Westside context. So Europeans  Antipodeans provincials northerners and others moving to London's fashionable "gateway to the south", Battersea and surrounding wards, Balham and Clapham, wish to send their children or themselves for local tennis courses. They the diaspora of Clapham come across a uppermost name in their search-engine. They then enquire and send their children or themselves to that particular tennis business not aware of local knowledge or other options. The popularity of that singular tennis-vendor inevitably results in stiflingly overcrowded tennis participants - a clue to that maybe 12 to 32 players on just 2 tennis courts! This can be off-putting to the enjoyment of tennis. What can an enthusiast do about it once they have paid in advance and subscribed for a set course of 6 or so group lessons? But unwittingly parents and those adult enthusiasts of tennis are then loyally committed to that business as point of attention for their local tennis interests. All started from a reflex reaction from a 5-minute internet search. This has been the case since late 1990s.

Do they know local tennis clubs and their membership details like Grafton, Wigmore, Telford, Spencer and Magdalene? They don't even know of Krishna as the local tennis coach, operating under the sole proprietor banner of LineBallTennis, who has been living and playing in the local clubs for over 40 years? Is this not a symptom of overcrowding of a locality that everyone is in blissful ignorance and not knowing their neighbour perhaps an don't even care?