Sunday 22 May 2016

The Beauty and The Beast:

Sharpova Is The Beast! Igor Dimitrov, the would be king, aka “Baby Federer”, is the “beauty” in this story ( It is a made-up story, based on the private and public msm reputation of these darlings of tennis. A story which is both dark and yet full of bright sensation and scandal! She was seduced by the dark side of sport - this picture shows her "Beast":

Is Maria S. Heavenly or "A Millionnaire Russina Mug" (Source: AlArabiya_Eng)
She, a sexy symbol of womens' world tennis, had been drug-tested and then later she herself volunteered to reveal that she was tested-positive as yet another drug-cheat in sport - namely Maria S. A boring cheat story in sport politic etc, this time encompassed in a puritan playboy world of tennis. Among other corruption revelations in sport rigging and gambling. Another story  or famous incident is that of Lance Armstrong in cycling with a film made about it – "The Program". A public release of which is in legal-wrangle stages or just withheld vor whatever reasons!

Who is Sharpova’s media manger or management group – because she and the sport, at first glance, seem to have come out of the wash clean. Congratulations and commiseration to them all! Their role in altering the truth into a public-perceived story with only a few knowing the secret, entitles these protagonists a ®NSWF:Reputation Degree (i.e. “NoSmokeWithoutFire: Of Reputation”). Watch This Space.

Back to the story: He “The Beauty” Dimitrov apparently dumped “Sharapova” before the doping ban – they were reportedly romantic lovers on the tennis circuit! The Michael Jackson and Priscila Presley of their day, perhaps (Posh and Beckham were not comparative in sport, as they both are still alive and reportedly happy – but they are similarly media-PR-constructs or “match-mad-in-heaven”).

Their ages respectively is... is blah blah! 

But this is a cyberworld where our constructs are more accessible than mainstream media version of stories ("Think Global Act Local"); so here's our  fanciful friend of tennisland @dhantuchova a.k.a. Daniela Hantuchova, soon to visit SW19, and more gratefully gratification in heavenly SW12. Wow - That was a reach-out on a local level to Dani!